Salty Man E-Juice Flavors Review

Quitting smoking is now easier than ever with Salty Man E-Juice. This brand is showcasing 12 incredible flavor profiles that give every vaper multiple flavors they can enjoy on a daily basis. The company focuses on bringing forth complex blends that they create using nicotine salts. When comparing this to the harshness that comes with using liquid nicotine, it’s easy to see why Salty Man E-Juices are a favorite among vapers all across the globe.

Salty Man prides itself in being the go-to e-liquid for people who are looking to stop smoking. While vaping alone aids smokers in ending their bad habits, Salty Man e-juice brings forth the higher nicotine levels that heavy smokers need without forcing them to deal with the notorious harsh throat hit. The key is in the nicotine salts. As a company that dedicates itself to helping smokers put down tobacco for good, Salty Man crafts flavor profiles that satisfy the tastes of everyone, providing options with high levels of nicotine while avoiding the harshness that comes with liquid nicotine

The infamous Salty Man tagline says “You should vape Salty Man, Not only because you want to, but because we are telling you to. As simple as that.” This is the kind of grit vapers can expect from this company. Salty Man is an e-juice brand that places emphasis on standing out amidst the competition. With it being so easy to get lost among the plethora of flavor profiles available in this industry, the company doesn’t focus on marketing its e-juices. Rather, it tells vapers to vape them with confidence.

Salty Man is a no-frills giant in the vaping industry and their tagline screams it. This company doesn’t need vapers to want to use their e-juices because they are not afraid to tell them to. The company’s tagline demands the attention a next-level e-juice crafter deserves without begging for customers. All in all, Salty Man is an e-juice manufacturer worthy of respect and that’s precisely what they receive for their impressive efforts towards progressing this industry.

Besides having an awesome tagline, Salty Man’s e-juices won’t break the bank. The e-liquids are relatively inexpensive without resulting in a loss of quality. It’s true. Salty Man sports a level of quality is rather impressive. This is not another juice that’s going to get clogged up in your tank and produce sub-par cloudage. Salty Man obviously places serious emphasis on using quality ingredients without forcing vapers to pay extravagant prices. The truth behind this brand is easy to see - the company maintains a premium status while keeping its prices affordable. And that’s something we can all respect.

So Salty Man E-Juices come in 11 incredible flavors. Each one of these flavors is crafted with helping smokers in mind, making it so the flavor profiles pair extraordinarily well with the nicotine salts and elevated nicotine levels they offer. As this brand expands, it’s safe to say they will continue bringing forth outstanding flavor profiles that work well with their brand’s focus: smokers looking for a tough e-juice that’s flavorful without hurting their throats.

For those hailing from the south, the Salty Man 7 Pound Up Cake is a dessert flavor sporting some serious buttery deliciousness. Everyone knows about the legendary 7 pound cakes being served up down south and if you’ve ever had some before, you’re going to reminisce about that moment when you’re vaping this e-juice. The level of authenticity that’s coursing throughout this flavor profile is unreal. With an ultra-smooth lemon-lime finish combined with glazed icing, custard, and a buttery finish, it’s easy to see that this flavor satisfies any southerner’s sweet tooth without batting an eyelash. This e-juice is rocking a 50/50 VG/PG ratio too, allowing for flavorful plumes of cloudage that’s nice but not overwhelming. And with the nicotine salts used in its creation, you’re not going to have a harsh throat when you vape this stuff, allowing you to vape heightened nicotine levels with ease.

Reminiscing about the good ole’ days has never been easier than it is when vaping Salty Man’s own Chew E-Liquid. This vape juice is the equivalent of tossing a tremendous wad of super tasty strawberry watermelon bubblegum into your mouth and chewing it. The sweet juices of this flavor profile bring forth a totally new level of deliciousness you’ll have to taste to believe. For those who are into vaping a sweet-flavored e-liquid, the Chew e-juice is one you’ll have to toss in your tank. Salty Man has really outdone itself with this flavor profile and your taste buds will be sure to thank you for the experience by craving it over and over again! This e-juice is a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, giving you those super nice clouds while avoiding a total fog out. And the nicotine salts Salty Man uses to make this vape juice also come in handy for those who prefer higher nicotine levels. It’s nice vaping without getting the harsh throat liquid nicotine gives and you’ll surely appreciate Chew E-Liquid by Salty Man.

Summertime just got sweeter with Salty Man’s Blue’s Lemonade. This flavor profile is bringing forth a whole new level of tastiness in the form of a sweet and sour combination that is sure to tantalize your taste buds! The blue raspberry flavor that Blue’s Lemonade boasts is beyond legendary, allowing a vaping experience that’s impossible to forget. Every drag of luscious vapor cloud is infused with blue raspberry flavor, giving you the sweet flavor of lemonade that pairs perfectly with the tart flavor of raspberry. The kick this flavor gives will have you salivating for more. With this e-juice, you’ll find a 50/50 VP/VG ratio, providing you with some awesome cloudage that won’t completely cloud your vision. The nicotine salts this company is using with its flavors also allows vapers to avoid the super harsh throat they’ll usually get from high nicotine levels developed with liquid nicotine. All in all, vaping more milligrams of nicotine is made easy with Salty Man’s Blue’s Lemonade.

Anyone who’s bananas for fruity deliciousness and creaminess is going to fall in love with Salty Man’s Banana Pudding flavored e-juice. This is one of the most popular flavors found amidst this brand’s vape juices and it’s not hard to see why. Every time they make a new batch, it gets sold out almost instantly, meaning if you see it’s available, you should stock up while supplies last. The demand for this stuff is insane! The rich, creamy taste of banana pudding is shockingly incredible, transporting your mind back to the last time you had the dessert on your palate. Its flavor profile is composed of legitimate banana and vanilla pudding flavors that will have your taste buds controlling your fingers as you vape! This is a 50/50 VP/VG ratio e-juice, meaning you’re going to get fantastic cloudage that isn’t going to white out the room you’re vaping in. The nicotine salts used in its creation make Banana Pudding E-Liquid a vape juice that won’t cause a sore throat, regardless of the level of nicotine you prefer to vape.

Pucker up and hold on tight cause the Seedless Sour E-Liquid is going to have your lips clenched just right! This Salty Man flavor profile contains a sour watermelon highlight that brings out the best in this e-liquid. No seeds, no problem. You’ll get that watermelony taste without having to worry about spitting, chewing, or swallowing the seeds. It’s all flavor and all fruity tastiness packed in this flavor profile, just as anyone would expect from Salty Man E-Juices. For everyone craving a sour summertime flavor, this is the vape juice to pour in your tank. With its 50/50 VP/VG ratio, you’ll find the fog production doesn’t overdo it and the flavor is the primary focus. Anyone interested in vaping higher levels of nicotine will rejoice with this e-liquid because Salty Man uses nicotine salts rather than liquid nicotine, resulting in a super smooth draw regardless of how much nicotine the juice contains.

Do pink cows make Pink Milk E-Liquid? Not a bad question, but Salty Man is the creator behind this amazing flavor profile. Vapers, hold onto your taste buds because this strawberry milk flavor is beyond legendary in the vape game. While everyone is obsessed with chocolate milk, strawberry milk is something spectacularly unique when comparing it to other flavors in the vaping industry. This flavor profile brings together freshly picked strawberry flavors with the rich and creamy taste of milk to tantalize the taste buds without hesitation. To say this flavor is enjoyable is a severe understatement! While some dessert e-liquids are pleasurable, Salty Man’s Pink Milk E-Liquid goes beyond that to craft a flavor everyone can enjoy. This e-liquid’s 50/50 VP/VG ratio makes it so you’ll have super flavorful cloudage with emphasis placed on the flavor rather than fogging out a room. If you’re someone who prefers to vape e-juices with elevated nicotine levels, this e-liquid is fantastic because it incorporates nicotine salts to ensure smooth drags that don’t impact the flavor.

Georgia will without a doubt be on your mind as you vape Salty Man’s Kool Peach E-Liquid. This flavor profile brings handpicked Georgia peach sweetness into a vape juice that vapers can’t purchase fast enough. While it may sound like Kool Peach is a menthol-infused flavor, this flavor profile is all peach, bringing the fresh fruitiness that one would expect when picking a peach straight off the tree and tossing it in a blender to make a peachy frozen drink. The taste is unbelievable, highlighting a peach koolada exhale with no menthol whatsoever. With this e-liquid sporting a 50/50 VP/VG ratio, the clouds are nothing but peachy and delicious while avoiding a total white-out from excessive vapor production. Anyone interested in vaping higher nicotine levels will love this e-juice as Salty Man uses nicotine salts rather than liquid nicotine, creating some of the smoothest vapor clouds known to vapers around the globe.

With an inhale of one of the freshest apple flavors in existence followed by an immediate tidal wave of fruit salad concoction on the exhale, you’ll find that Salty Man’s Juice Box E-Liquid is on point when it comes to delivering robust fruity flavors. Imagine drinking in apple juice and holding it in your mouth, only to squirt from your lips a stream of fruit punch juice in the best way possible. This flavor is the typical juice box flavor everyone had throughout our childhood, bringing on a feeling of nostalgia as you vape. With this flavor profile being reminiscent of our youth, it’s not hard to see why it’s now a favorite among vapers. Simply put, if you haven’t tried Juice Box yet, you’re missing out. Juice Box has a 50/50 VG/PG ratio that brings forth some serious flavor paired with satisfying clouds that won’t overwhelm those around you. This brand is known for the high-quality nicotine salts it’s using in its e-juices. So if you vape high nicotine levels, this e-juice is still going to deliver the smooth vapor clouds you’ll have to experience to appreciate.

One of Salty Man’s leading flavor profiles is Hoops E-Liquid and it’s easy to see why. This is an astonishingly delicious cereal flavor that brings the flavor of everyone’s favorite cereal with milk in the form of a super tasty e-juice. The best way to describe this e-liquid is it tastes just like you’re blowing clouds of the milk that’s left in the bowl after eating the cereal. To put it lightly, it’s a perfectly crafted flavor profile that leaves your tongue begging for more. And with the 50/50 VP/VG ratio, you’ll find that the flavor is all there and the clouds aren’t going to engulf the entire room after a single draw. Your hits will be beyond smooth with this flavor too as Salty Man uses nicotine salts, avoiding the naturally harsh throat hits that come with higher doses of liquid nicotine. All in all, Hoops E-Liquid is a vape juice that’s going to remind you of gulping down cereal milk while watching your favorite Saturday morning cartoons and saying it’s an enjoyable flavor profile doesn’t come close to describing it!.

Rice crispies lovers will rejoice at the greatness of Salty Man’s Marshmallow Crispy E-Juice. Ever wished for a super flavorful e-liquid that’s sporting the incredible flavor of sticky, ooey-gooey, and insanely sweet rice crispies treats? Then you’re going to love this flavor! The rice crispies and marshmallow flavors that are infused in this flavor profile are unreal, bringing forth a bold dessert flavor that begs to be vaped continuously. You’ll appreciate the cloudage that this 50/50 VG/PG ratio pairs with this unreal flavor as well. It’s a marshmallowy rice crispy flavor that won’t rot your teeth and anyone who enjoys these treats is going to be psyched about this vape juice. The fact that Salty Man uses nicotine salts instead of liquid nicotine lets you vape higher levels of nicotine without worrying about harsh hits too. So smooth hits are commonplace with Marshmallow Crispy E-Juice and it’s easy to see why you’ll never want to go back to what you were vaping before you found this stuff!

Who loves orange soda? If that’s you, it’s you, it’s you-ooh, then you’re going to appreciate all that Salty Man’s Kacti Kooler E-Liquid will do for your vaping seshes. This stuff is packing a punch of orange soda flavor with some hints of lemon, lime, and a few other citrus fruits, bringing it all together with an incredibly sweet fresh pineapple flavor that will have your taste buds SCREAMING for more! When all is said and done, your clouds are going to be beyond tasty when you toss Kacti Kooler in your tank. And with its 50/50 VG/PG ratio, you’ll have some insanely flavorful clouds that don’t come out excessively thick. Oh, and with the nicotine salts that Salty Man E-Juice is using, you’ll have no trouble vaping high nicotine levels as the draw will still be insanely smooth!