Juul Vaping & What Parents Need To Know Now

Juul vaping is growing in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. These flavored pod vaping devices are easy to use, flavorful, and discreet. But there’s a plague happening in schools across the nation.

Parents have good reason to worry about Juul vaping. As the vaping company continues its hike in popularity, more teenagers are beginning to use the devices. These controversial vaping devices are dominating the vaping industry, and the market share this company is gaining is impressive.

You may have seen kids sucking on something that looks like a USB flash drive. That’s a Juul, and the vapor these devices put out is a new level of concern for parents across the country. As more and more teenagers begin vaping Juul pods, the need for knowledge becomes necessary.

Combating this epidemic means knowing what the Juul is and why teenagers across the country are puffing on them. Continue reading to gain the insight you need to understand what Juuling is and how you can stop the spread.

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