Kilo 1K Closed Pod System Review

Produced by one of the most influential vaporizer and e-cigarette companies on the planet today, the folks at Kilo have knocked it right out of the park with their latest ultraportable pod system – the Kilo 1K.

The revolutionary new product that brings together all of the engineering and design features that Kilo models have brought to the table for a few years now within innovative new twist thanks to the closed pod system, this is one of the most enjoyable ways to indulge in some of the world-class E juice products on the market today.

Compact, sleek, and something that looks like it came fresh from Silicon Valley and the world-class designers there, the Kilo 1K stands apart from the rest of the pack right from the first moment that you pull it out of its shipping box.

Providing serious enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy a sensibly priced product that still packs plenty of horsepower under the hood, this is an ultraportable pod system that just might change the way that you vape from here on out!

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