How to Spot a Fake Vape Cartridge

Over the last year, vape carts have been causing hospitalizations and deaths. Instead of a pleasurable vaping experience, these consumers found severe lung illness.

Intense restrictions on cannabis allow the black market to thrive. These regulations increase the taxes on the green rush. And this has driven the price of legal cannabis products sky high.

Lab results are as essential as they are pricey. So it makes sense that some people will try to cut corners by skipping the testing. But, without these crucial tests, there’s no telling what’s in a vape cartridge. This is how bootleg cartridge manufacturers have been getting away with certain additives.

The commotion around counterfeit cartridges is easy to justify. A growing number of people are experiencing illness and even death from fake vape carts. Thus, the need for better regulation is clear.

If you’re into cannabis vaping, learning how to spot a fake vape cartridge is essential. Keep reading for some

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