Humble Juice Vape Flavors Review

With thousands, if not millions, of e-juices on the market today, we’re seeing the importance of standing out amidst the flavors more and more each day. It’s easy for a company’s flavors to get lost amidst the masses. But Humble Juice has taken their humble beginnings and used that foundation to forge an empire.

And Humble Juice’s success did not come solely because of their affordable prices. The company places emphasis on hard work without cutting corners. Simply put, Humble Juice’s dedication to delivering the purest vaping juices available to vapers across the globe today puts them at the forefront of the e-liquid industry.

The Humble Juice brand is one vapers trust because of the care that’s put into every flavor profile. They start out by developing and crafting their flavor profiles, completing vigorous product testing and retesting. Through this process, the best flavor profiles are found and sent out for more tastings. Only then are the flavors finally chosen.

The company pays close attention to details too. They only deal with top-tier producers who provide them with next level ingredients. Every batch of e-juice Humble Juice crafts is given purity and taste tests prior to being bottled. These extra efforts result in the premium e-juice this brand has become known for.

Humble Juice forms partnerships with businesses and people who provide value with what they do. From their nicotine to their ingredients, and everything in between, this company works with the best. With the time and energy that goes into Humble Juice’s in-house distribution and shipping system, they had to figure a lot of logistics to make their pricing work. They place emphasis on efficiency, passing along their savings to vapers and building a loyal following in the process. All in all, it’s simple really - Humble Juice remains humble and puts the work in to make it happen.

Even though there are now well beyond the original 10 Humble Juice flavors, the originals are the ones that formed the foundation of this brand. Now that the Humble Juice’s brand is expanding, the company is releasing new lines of e-juices that continue to add to the brand’s fame. Nonetheless, Humble Juice has never lost sight of the importance of their original juices.

No breakfast time in America is complete without a fruity pebbles cereal treat. The sweet and enticing flavors that come with American Dream E-Liquid are bound to ensure its place on any vaper’s e-juice shelf. For those of you looking for an e-liquid that’ll satisfy their sweet tooth, this is it. The 80vg/20pg ration allows for some monstrous flavorful clouds, making this e-liquid one you’ll want to toss in your tank.

When it comes to the Berry Blow Doe E-Liquid, this e-juice is bringing a whole new level of flavor in the form of your childhood. Those bubblegum lollipops you had as a kid? They’re now a vape juice you’ll have to taste to believe. Vaping this stuff is like stepping into a time machine and hitting up your youth. You’d have to be a sucker to not want to puff on this tasty juice all day long! And with the 80vg/20pg ratio, you’re sure to find incredible cloudage that everyone will ask about.

This e-liquid is a next level flavor bringing forth an ultra tasty strawberry banana with just a hint of dragon fruit. The flavor is an incredible concoction of deliciousness that carefully crafts a party in your mouth that every taste bud will be psyched to attend. It’s a taste that simply satisfies and with its 80vg/20pg ration, the cloud creation that comes with this juice is beyond incredible!

Sweet and flavorful, the Humble Juice Hop Scotch E-Liquid is where it’s at! This e-juice takes generous portions of toffee, vanilla, and butterscotch custard flavors, bringing them together in an e-juice that packs a flavorful punch! The tastes this juice is showcasing are unreal and with the 80vg/20pg ratio, you’ll find that making flavorful cloudage is nothing but pure bliss and easier than you ever thought possible!

Reminiscing about Grandma’s homemade cobbler? Yearning for a seemingly unreplaceable flavor from those countless weekends you spent watching her bake? Then the Humble Crumble E-Liquid is going to bring you the satisfaction you’re craving! This is an incredible combination of sweet blueberries and crispy yet buttery graham cracker crust. Oh, and just a hint of cinnamon to bring it together! This flavor beyond legendary, bringing a tasty level of cloudage with its 80vg/20pg ratio!

For fruit fanatic vapers across the globe, Humble Juice’s Pee Wee Kiwi E-Liquid does nothing short of satisfying your deepest fruity desires. This flavor takes sweet kiwi flavor and pairs it with watermelon and fresh apple, along with just a hint of citrus, to bring forth a flavor that tantalizes taste buds and attracts nostrils. The Pee Wee Kiwi E-Liquid will bring you a pleasurable vaping experience due to the flavor and level of cloudage you can achieve with its 80vg/20pg ratio!

The incredibly refreshing flavor of Smash Mouth E-Liquid is one you’ll have to taste to believe. That’s right. You won’t believe your taste buds when you try this stuff. The refreshing strawberry pie flavor brings on a whole new level of tastiness in the form of strawberry flavor combined with delightful custard and graham cracker flavors. These clouds will go beyond blowing your mind as you puff on that incredible cloud-producing ratio of 80vg/20pg.

For vapers looking for a flavor combining mango, cantaloupe, and just a tad of honeydew melon flavor in their juice, the Sweater Puppets E-liquid is going to bring you what you crave! These flavors are beyond bold, leaving everything out in the clouds as you vape this ultra tasty e-liquid. And with this e-juice’s 80vg/20pg ration, the fog production is out of this world!

Vapers beware, treats fit for a unicorn have been liquified and transformed into one of the top e-juices in the vaping industry. This is one of the prized original flavors that put Humble Juice on the map! We’re not going to say which one, but we’ll give you a hint… It’s a cereal from your childhood. The Unicorn Treats E-Liquid is going to bring you to a simpler time as you vape luscious clouds of vape juice. And of course, it’s sporting that fantastic fogging 80vg/20pg ratio. You’re going to love these clouds!

Vape The Rainbow is an experience all on its own. This flavor, also known as Vape the Rainbow, produces an intoxicating delightful scent that attracts noses from all over. No joke, it emits the most flavorful scent we’ve ever experienced. This stuff is flavored like the rainbow with a sorbet taste combined with fruit flavored candies. Without a doubt in our minds, if you have a sweet tooth and are craving something tasty, Vape The Rainbow is going to blow...your...mind. The 80vg/20pg ratio is great for the serious cloud chasers too, allowing some of the tastiest fog-outs you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing.