JUUL & JUUL Pod Flavors Guide

There are literally hundreds – if not thousands – of pen-style e-cigarettes available on the market today. Like any technology, they changed, improved and thrived, while those that failed to adapt fell into obscurity. Despite fierce competition, the JUUL managed to rise to the top. But what made it so great?

JUUL is unique because the product fits every need. There's a fine line between "good" and "great," but the JUUL's appeal skyrockets it into the "legendary" category. Let's take a quick look and see why Wired Magazine dubbed it as potentially "…the first great e-cig".


What Makes JUUL So Great?

Ease of Use

As far as operation goes, the JUUL is as simple as it gets. In fact, it doesn't even require a button to fire up. Simply inhale to start vaping. This is a feature found in cheap cig-a-likes, yet PAX Labs decided to implement it in a much more advanced device.

Battery checking is also a breeze. Just two taps and the power level shows as green (full), yellow (moderate) and red (low).[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Portability

Portability is important for two main reasons: convenience and discretion. At just 3.5 inches long, this device fits easily in a pocket or purse. Self-conscious vapers can quickly pull it out and vape without drawing unwanted attention.


While we're always advised not to judge something based on its appearance, it's always a factor when buying any product. The JUUL's trademark design is unique. Small and sleek while retaining its simplicity, this device catches the eye of even the pickiest individuals.


A major issue that plagues many vape pens is the issue of refillable tanks. Spills, leaks and damage all lead to unwanted messes – not to mention the dangers of children or pets accidentally consuming spilled e-juices.

JUUL circumvents the problem via pre-filled, disposable cartridges. Not only does this solve the spillage issue, but it also allows for seamless flavor switching. Just remove the cartridge and snap in a new one.

Finally, the device only needs an hour to charge. Compare that to larger mods that take between two to four hours, and you'll see why JUUL stands out.


Nicotine Salts - JUUL's Secret to Satisfaction

PAX emphasizes that the JUUL is very satisfying. A major problem plaguing smokers is the lack of "hit" they receive from even the highest nicotine e-liquids; however, back in 2015, JUUL changed the liquid formula for their products, incorporating a new nicotine delivery method known as "nicotine salts".

Nicotine salts are simply a different form of nicotine – extracted in their natural form from the tobacco leaf – that are less harsh or flavor-impacting than the conventional "freebase" version. While freebase nicotine can't be found in levels higher than 3.6mg (and that's pushing it), JUUL pods offer 5mg (5%) per cartridge. This is an incredibly high amount, guaranteed to satisfy even the heaviest smokers while retaining the intended taste.


What's In the Starter Kit

The JUUL kit comes with everything necessary to get started (and more).

JUUL vape pen
USB charger
User manual
4 JUUL flavor pods – Mango, Crème Brulee, Virginia Tobacco and Cool Mint
One-year device warranty


JUUL Pod Flavor Guide

Although there are only eight flavors so far, this is two times more than what was available upon initial release. Nonetheless, JUUL's line covers every popular flavor category, such as tobacco, fruits and even desserts.

According to PAX, each pod generates roughly 200 puffs with packs of four in each package.

Virginia Tobacco

Virginia Tobacco is the perfect flavor for smokers who still enjoy tobacco, but don't enjoy carcinogenic chemicals.

Those who try this flavor will experience unparalleled smoothness and huge, satisfying clouds as they savor the aroma of pure tobacco leaf. One puff of this unique liquid is all you'll need to see why this is JUUL's most popular flavor.


Classic Tobacco

For those who enjoy a subtler tobacco flavor, Classic Tobacco is the perfect choice. Milder in taste compared to its Virginia counterpart, this variation is known for its satisfying throat hit, making it a great all-day vape for an authentic tobacco/cigarette experience.

Cool Mint (Discontinued)

Taking the #2 spot in terms of popularity, Cool Mint is exactly as the name describes. Infused with menthol, this is the perfect flavor for people who enjoy the refreshing taste of mint.

Vapers will quickly feel the powerful, cooling feeling as it engulfs their lungs and throat.


Classic Menthol (Discontinued)

Classic Menthol was designed with menthol smokers in mind. Like Cool Mint, it offers a refreshing mint flavor, albeit more subdued. Combined with a solid throat hit, this is the ideal choice for simulating the tobacco/mint mixture of a menthol cigarette.


Fruit Medley (Discontinued)

Fruit Medley is the perfect flavor for those who want to deviate from the norm and enjoy a candy-like concoction of their favorite fruits.

Each puff is like a refreshing burst of exotic fruit punch, guaranteed to impress even the most discerning palette.


Mango (Discontinued)

Considering the popularity of mango across a variety of e-liquids, it only makes sense for JUUL to add this one to their arsenal.

One puff of this pod attacks your taste buds with a powerful, smooth, juicy mango flavor that feels like you've bitten into the real thing.

Crème Brulee (Discontinued)

It's no secret that many vapers enjoy a dessert flavor, which is why JUUL offers its Crème Brulee option.

Like the famous treat, Crème Brulee is infused with delicious vanilla and custard, making it great after meals or to satisfy a frequent sweet tooth.

Cool Cucumber (Discontinued)

A huge left turn from the average e-liquid, Cool Cucumber may seem strange, but it works well. An excellent option if you're looking to step outside the traditional zone of tobacco, fruit or dessert flavors, the mild, refreshing aroma will have you hooked.

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