I Love Salts E-Juice Flavors Review


Mad Hatter Juice has come out with a new line of e-liquids that crafts an entirely new level of greatness with smokers in mind. The I Love Salts E-Juice line is an innovation all in its own amidst the countless incredible flavor profiles Mad Hatter’s team brings to vapers across the world. This LA-based e-juice legend decided to bring its own flavors to the table, infusing this line with the nic salts that pair beyond well with all their flavor profiles.

For smokers looking for an effective e-juice to quit smoking, Mad Hatter Juice has come up with the I Love Salts E-Juice line. Harsh throat hits are known in the vaping industry and with the introduction of nicotine salts, we’re seeing a major shift in what vapers throw in their tanks. This company puts forth its best e-liquids with vapers’ needs in mind, ensuring the I Love Salts brand is one that gives every vaper precisely what they need: excellent flavor profiles and heightened nicotine levels without the harsh throat hits.

The I Love Salts brand focuses on delivering the utmost quality in vape juices without losing focus of what’s important. Vaping flavorful cloudage is always going to maintain relevance but a lot of vapers begin vaping to getaway from smoking tobacco. With this known, the I Love Salts brand places emphasis on providing insanely delicious flavors without compromising the boldness of the flavor. With nicotine salts, I Love Salts has accomplished these premium vape juices and it’s easy to see why they’ve become a giant in the vaping industry.

While some vape brands choose to use liquid nicotine, Mad Hatter crafted I Love Salts with the idea that nicotine salt-infused e-liquid is the wave to ride. These salts allow for high nicotine content without sacrificing any flavor or producing the notoriously harsh throat hits. All in all, the I Love Salts brand is working tirelessly to continue producing premium e-liquids with helping smokers quit tobacco products in mind.

While the company places emphasis on helping smokers quit by providing them with awesome flavor profiles infused with premium nicotine salts, they maintain the affordability of their e-liquids. Even with their top-tier vape juices being crafted with next-level ingredients, they don’t jack up the prices. These e-liquids are not going to destroy your tank, nor will they break the bank. All in all, I Love Salts is sporting reasonable pricing that makes these e-liquids appealing for more than just their incredible flavor profiles. Eleven nicotine salt-infused flavors means these e-juices are made to satisfy everyone’s flavor preferences. Whether you prefer your vape juice on the sweeter side or like to have the bold taste of tobacco, nicotine salt deliverance for anyone’s tastes is something Mad Hatter Juice kept in mind when developing the I Love Salt brand. It’s certain that this label will continue its expansion, incorporating nicotine salts throughout their new flavors and drawing more and more vapers in the process. For smokers seeking a brand of e-juice that isn’t going to kill their lungs with every nicotine-infused vapor cloud, I Love Salt is the go-to.

Picking blueberries, grapes, and apples was always fun to do as a kid, but who wants to go out and pick them these days with a flavor like I Love Salt’s Grappleberry available? This flavor provides you with intense flavor profiles combined to make something totally unique. The tangy sweet taste of the grape flavor pairs well with the fresh apple flavor, but on the inhale, you’ll have that nice fresh blueberry taste front and center. The VG/PG ratio is on point at 50/50, giving you adequately luscious flavor-infused cloudage without sacrificing any flavor. I Love Salt uses premium nicotine salts in their e-liquids, ensuring that you’ll have a fresh and fruity flavor while you vape and each hit isn’t going to burn your throat. All in all, the nicotine salts bring out the best in this e-juice and it’s sure to be a smooth draw you’ll appreciate!

Like apples? You’ll love the fruity fresh flavor I Love Salt’s Juicy Apples brings to the table. This is a flavor profile showcasing the flavor that comes with biting into a perfectly ripened apple coming fresh from the orchard. Think of the juiciest apple flavor you’ve ever tasted and add some sweetness to it. That’s the taste we’re talking about here! With this flavor profile, you’re getting authentic apple flavor coming from high-quality ingredients, resulting in a 50/50 VG/PG ratio that makes some seriously tasty cloudage. You’ll find that the nicotine concentration doesn’t impact the flavor and you’ll never have a harsh throat hit because this e-juice is made with I Love Salts’ own special concoction of nicotine salts and e-juice. When it comes to freshness in the form of a delicious apple flavor, this brand’s Juicy Apples E-Juice is on point and a must-have!

Everyone loves a good blue raspberry vapor and with I Love Salts’ Blue Raspberry E-Liquid, you’re getting an e-juice concoction that goes beyond satisfying that need! For anyone looking to puff out incredible flavor paired with a sweet tartness that tantalizes every taste bud, look no further. This is a flavor that brings a whole new level of flavorful to the vaping game and vapers are scrambling to get it in their tanks. Puffing plumes of this vapor is a serious pleasure and with the 50/50 PG/VG ratio, you’ll still get plenty of clouds without losing any flavor. The best part about this e-liquid is the fact that I Love Salts puts their own blend of nicotine salts in it, ensuring you’ll never have those nasty throat hits that liquid nicotine tends to produce. For vapers serious about tasty sweet vapor fog, this brand’s Blue Raspberry E-Liquid is the go-to.

Mad Hatter really outdid itself when it came up with the I Love Salts Strawberry Candy E-Liquid. This stuff is beyond tasty and brings forth excellent levels of strawberry juiciness that you have to experience for yourself to know it’s a reality. With this being one of the freshest strawberry flavor profiles in existence, it’s easy to see why vapers are buying them out every time they hit the shop! This is a flavor that exists because of its candy-like appeal, making it increasingly difficult to put the vape down. This is a sweet candy flavor with a nice buttery finish, ensuring every draw of 50/50 VG/PG ratio vapor cloud is as tasteful as any vaper would want. The clouds aren’t overpowering and packed with flavor but the best part about this e-liquid is the I Love Salts premium nicotine salts. You’re never going to get the harsh throat hit that is such a problem with the liquid nicotine. Anyone into candy strawberry and smooth vapor clouds is going to love this e-juice!

There is literally nothing better than waking up super early on Saturday morning as a kid and watching cartoons while devouring a monster bowl of fruity cereal… Well, there WAS nothing better… Now that I Love Salts has come out with their Fruit Cereal E-Liquid, it’s easy to see that vaping this flavorful e-juice can beat the sugar rush! This is a legendary vape juice flavor with its flavor profile making it feel as though you’re vaping the fruity cereal milk to make those luscious clouds. This stuff is infused with I Love Salts nicotine salts as well, ensuring fantastically smooth vapor plumes every time. No throat soreness like the liquid nicotine causes. Oh, and the 50/50 VG/PG ratio… it’s perfection in the form of a flavorful e-liquid. Definitely a juice you’ll want in your tank ASAP!

Tossing I Love Salts’ Tropical Mango E-Liquid in your tank will likely be the best decision you ever make if you’re a lover of all things mango and delicious. That’s right. This is a beyond tasty flavor that brings forth a tropical mango flavor profile that is beyond bold, providing just the right amount of tastiness for any mango loving vaper. Picture being on a beach somewhere in paradise, vaping plumes of mango-infused vapor. This e-juice will take you there. And if you’re the type who enjoys ultra tasty vapor clouds that won’t overpower an entire beach, the 50/50 PG/VG ratio is going to satisfy your needs. The next level nicotine salts that I Love Salts uses in this flavor also preserves the flavor while helping to avoid harsh throat hits. You’ll definitely appreciate this tropical vape juice and all it does for your cloud production!

Anyone interested in tasting the minty freshness that comes with Spearmint Gum E-Liquid by I Love Salts needs to order this stuff now. This is an e-juice that flies off of the shelves when it’s in stock and is an anticipated restock when the supply dwindles down. Vapers are literally counting down the moments until this major bestseller is available once more so when you can, you’ll want to grab some fast! This is a sweet e-juice that avoids overwhelming anyone lucky enough to puff clouds of it. The flavor profile is on point, bringing a nice cool and refreshing flavor comparable to what you get when you’re chewing on your favorite brand of spearmint gum. Mad Hatter’s I Love Salts is incorporating high-quality nicotine salts in this vape juice as well, ensuring you’re going to get some of the smoothest spearmint draws of vapor you’ve ever experienced. And with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio, vapor production is just enough while allowing the most flavorful experience possible!

Many people try to kick their cigarette habit by vaping on fruity flavors but to no avail. With smokers in mind, I Love Salts came out with the Sweet Tobacco E-Liquid. This flavor takes the needs of smokers looking for a way out and fulfills them with a bold flavor of tobacco. The truth is that while tobacco smokers thoroughly enjoy the flavor of tobacco, they would rather avoid all of those nasty additives and harmful chemicals that plague their traditional cigarettes. This is a flavor profile that allows smokers to continue with the same flavor they’ve grown accustomed to without forcing them to vape on fruit and cereal flavors. The 50/50 PG/VG ratio is also on point with flavorful cloud production. And with the perfected blend of nicotine salts I Love Salts uses, they will be able to get the high concentration of nicotine they crave without feeling it in their throats!

Ever wish you could just get away to a private island paradise and enjoy the tropical climate while sipping on a fruity tropical drink? Palm trees wafting from the cool ocean breeze and sand between your toes is the image you’ll find dominating your mind as you vape on this tropical e-liquid. I Love Salts’ Island Squeeze E-Liquid acts as your own exclusive get away to the tropics and it’s everything you could possibly want in a vape juice and more. This is an e-juice sporting intense kiwi flavor paired with exotic guava and fresh sweet strawberry accents, forming a flavor profile that is totally unique and delicious. You’ll love the fruity tastiness that Island Squeeze delivers with each smooth draw of vapor. This is a 50/50 PG/VG ratio too, so you already know the vapor plumes are inviting. And Mad Hatter’s concoction of nic salts allows this flavor a nicotine infusion that won’t cause a sore throat. Get taken away to paradise with I Love Salts’ Island Squeeze E-Liquid.

Passionate about the Pacific tropics? Then you’re going to want to get I Love Salts’ Pacific Passion E-Liquid in your tank yesterday! This is an unforgettable tropical flavor with fresh tropical fruit flavors acting as the front and center star of the show. The flavors come together in much the same way as a fruit cocktail containing the smoothest coconut milk with accents of freshly squeezed pineapple juice and fresh strawberries. You’re going to love the 50/50 PG/VG vapor clouds you’ll make with this stuff! What’s great about this e-juice is the nicotine salts I Love Salts uses in its creation. These premium salts culminate some of the smoothest vapor clouds in existence, resulting in a vaping experience that is the envy of everyone in your proximity!

Everyone looking for an insanely tasty summer flavor needs to stop what they’re doing right now and place an order for I Love Salts’ Luau Lemonade E-Liquid. This flavor profile is beyond incredible with the taste of refreshing lemonade coursing through it. The e-juice contains a fresh tropical and seasonal fruit infusion as well, bringing hints of sweet watermelon and perfectly ripened pineapples that just work well with lemonade. Simply put, this lemonade beats just about any lemonade stand you might have had as a kid and with the 50/50 PG/VG ratio, you’ll find blowing beautiful flavorful cloudage has never been easier. This juice also uses next level nicotine salts, resulting in a smooth draw you’ll have to experience to believe! No harsh hits whatsoever, regardless of the nicotine level you’re vaping!