Disposable Vape Review [June 2020]

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for a simpler vaping experience.

Before starting with this review of disposable vaping products, we first want to make one thing clear: Puff Bar is the best disposable vape by a long shot. While others come close, there’s simply no denying one simple fact: the satisfaction to be had from Puff Bar disposable vaping products is second to none.



Puff Bar Disposable Vape

Puff Bar is a slim and sleek, ultra-lightweight disposable vape offering a plethora of tempting flavors to choose from. Every flavor profile delivers beyond what’s expected. And the disposable devices last longer than anticipated with 300 puffs and 800 puffs with the Puff Bar XL. 

As vapers ourselves, we can confidently say the best experience one can get while vaping using disposable vaporizers is with Puff Bar. Needless to say, any vaper will find what they’re looking for with this brand, without subjecting themselves to the burning flavor of other disposables.




Bang Disposable Vape

Bang Disposable Vape is also one of the big names in disposable vaping devices. These products come equipped standard with a 1.3 mL pre-filled capacity for e-liquid. The draw-activated firing mechanism is connected to an integrated 280mAh rechargeable battery. This provides any vaper with plenty of time to inhale some of the tastiest clouds to touch the tip of their tongue.

The vaping products this company produces brings disposable vaping to the next level with 300+ puffs of infused flavor from each of their standard pods. But Bang has truly taken the disposable vape experience even higher with their XL line.

The XL disposable vapes by Bang offer even more vaping pleasure with around 600 puffs per pod. But Bang’s flavor profiles are unique to these disposable vaporizers, giving vapers many fantastic disposable vaping products to try. From unique flavors like Gummy Bear to more common Menthol flavors, Bang is never shy about giving vapers what they crave.



Helix Bar Disposable Vape

Helix Bar’s disposable vape products offer high-strength nicotine salt infused with plenty of flavor. These ultra-slim devices are sleek and stylish, and the 2.5 mL of e-juice allows them to provide around 600 puffs of cloudage.

The Helix Bar device has a powerful integrated 500mAh battery that connects to its draw-activated firing mechanism. With each drag of this vape, the result is a luscious hit of fantastic clouds that no vaper can forget.

Fantastic flavor profiles like their bold Tobacco or scrumptious Cake flavor are best sellers. But this brand seems to have something for everyone. Incredible fruitiness like Mango, Blue Raspberry, and Apple flavors are appealing to most. But the intense flavor selection doesn’t stop there. There’s Peach, Grape Ice, Grape, and Peach Ice, as well as others. The sheer selection of flavor offerings makes the Helix Bar one of the most revered vapes.

All in all, the Helix Bar is one of the more solid disposable vaping products. And if you get the opportunity to try one, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy the experience.


PodStick MAX Disposable Features

For anyone who has ever been curious about ultra high-quality pod vaping, the PodStick MAX Disposable is an absolute titan in this industry. These are non-rechargeable and non-refillable like most other disposable vaping products. However, with around 1,000 puffs of incredible vapor cloudage coming your way, it’s easy to see why so many vapers are choosing these devices.

The flavors of PodStick Max Disposables are what truly entice vapers. Blue Razz Ice, Lush Ice, Fuji Apple Ice, Orange Soda, Banana Ice, and Lemon Lime Soda are just a few favorites. However, there’s still Melon Ice, Peach Ice, Cola Ice, Strawberry Banana, and Grape Soda to choose from!

These devices hold 3.4 mL of e-liquid per disposable pod. However, the device is still compact, portable, and lightweight. The PodStick MAX Disposable is never short on power with a 450mAh battery leading the way to bigger, better clouds. Just like other disposable vapes, this is a draw-activated firing mechanism. So it’s as simple as inhaling the vapor for your pleasure.



Rillo Vapor Disposable

Rillo Vapor Disposable easily one of the most memorable disposable vapes the industry has to offer. While these devices are holding just 1.3 mL of juice in each disposable pod, the company is producing some of the most ingenious flavor profiles pods have to offer. From Cool Blood Orange to Blueberry Lychee infusions, there’s no stopping this brand from crafting tasty nicotine salt infusions vapers crave time and time again.

The Rillo Vapor Disposables are light, compact, and portable like most devices. And the integrated 280mAh battery hooks up to its draw-activated firing mechanism for easy use. Vapers get around 300 puffs from each device, providing plenty of flavorful clouds before having to switch to the next one.



Ezzy Oval Disposable Vape

Easy Oval Disposables are taking the vaping community by storm. These devices are light, compact, and portable. And when it comes to vape time, they’re providing around 300 puffs of flavor-infused clouds.

The flavors are equally impressive. Some, like the Honeydew Ice, seemingly break the mold, bypassing the more common fruit flavors other brands carry. This brand also offers refreshing flavor profiles like Lemon Mint and Mango Lychee.

These devices have a 1.3 mL capacity, offering as much as 20 cigarettes worth of vapor per pack. The draw-activated firing mechanism connects to its integrated 280mAh rechargeable battery, allowing plenty of power for high-quality cloud creation.



The Slushy Bar

The Slushy Bar’s disposable vape products are also rather impressive. These boast around 800 puffs per device, giving vapers the perfect vape time with each slushy-like flavor profile.

While non-rechargeable and non-refillable, The Slushy Bar devices pack a fantastic punch. The draw-activated firing mechanism is linked to an integrated 550mAh battery for optimal power distribution. With 3mL of e-liquid in each The Slushy Bar Disposable, it’s almost difficult to believe that all of this can come in such a compact, lightweight, and portable package.

While most disposable vaping devices come in fruity flavors, The Slushy Bar comes in tropical slushy flavors. Strawberry Lemonade Ice, Peach Ice, Lush Ice, Blue Raspberry Ice, and Banana Ice flavor profiles always have vapers coming back for more.