WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Candy King Air Disposable - 6000 Puffs

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Candy King Air Disposable is a new kind of disposable vape device that completely eliminates the need for batteries or refilling cartridges. It comes with a USB-C port which you can use to recharge it with ease. No more worrying about running out of juice or waiting for your device to recharge; this small, lightweight, and easy-to-carry vape comes with up to 6,000 puffs of E Juice goodness.



  • Disposable - Rechargeable & Non-Refillable
  • 5.0% TFN Nicotine Salt Strength
  • 6000 Puffs Approx.
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • 11mL Juice Per Disposable
  • Compact, Light, and portable
  • Comes in a pack of one (1)

Available Flavors:

  • Blue Razz Straws -  Candy Air Disposable combines the flavors of blue raspberry and sour, but is tempered with the delightful taste of candy. 
  • Mint Fresh - Explore this clean, crisp, and super refreshing vape as your mouth gets engulfed with loads of delicious flavor.
  • Pink Square -  It is perfectly represented with a blend of taffy, bright red cherries, and sweet strawberries.
  • Peachy Rings - Recreating the classic peach rings candy, this blend is definitely a spot-on flavor that will not disappoint.
  • Gush Fruits - Embark on a flavorsome journey as your airways are overtaken by a mix of various fruity flavors, including blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, green apple, and orange.
  • Strawberry Rolls
  • Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum - It consists of juicy red strawberries, mouthwatering watermelons, and a tasty candy bubblegum flavor.
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