WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


When it comes to vaping batteries, Vape Shack makes sure that you get high quality batteries that are pre-charged and ready to use. Our batteries are designed to give you a notification once the battery is running low. This allows you to determine how long our batteries last and when it is the right time to replace them to keep the vaping experience going. Vape Shack offers you a wide range of batteries that are available for different types of vaping kits. For as low as $6.99 to just under $30, we present you with the most cost effective batteries that are designed for durability and performance. Our collection features both protected and unprotected batteries in both chargeable and disposable options. You can also purchase chargeable lithium batteries with chargers from our store, giving you assurance that your vaping experience will not be compromised. Browse our impressive range of batteries today and order the ones that fit your vaping needs. Our range features batteries from reputed brands in the vaping industry, including Efest, Smoketech, and Clone, to name a few.

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