Vaping CBD: Should You Be Vaping CBD Oil?

We’ve all seen how CBD oil is sweeping the world by storm, but should you be vaping it? There are countless rumors about the cannabis industry, and with so many people jumping into it, it’s hard to tell what’s factual.

Throughout this article, we’re going to discuss some of the most common questions vapers are asking about CBD vaping. We hope that by the end of this article, you’ll know enough to make an informed decision about CBD products.


Can CBD vape get you high?

We get it. With the most infamous substance derived from the cannabis plant being THC, another component of the plant sounds a bit scary. So the big question is 'Can CBD oil get you high?'

The short answer is 'no.'

And with this being said, the answer to 'Does vaping CBD get you high?' is also 'no.'

This is especially important for people who want to maintain their physical and mental performance as much as possible. With the notorious psychoactive effects of certain compounds found in cannabis, it’s not hard to see why these worries exist.

While some cannabis products will get a person high, CBD actually has the opposite effect. You’ll never find those slow-down effects of THC when vaping CBD, making this compound perfectly safe for athletes and intellects concerned about their mental and physical performance.

CBD is a nonpsychoactive substance. Unlike its psychoactive cousin, THC, CBD actually lessens the psychoactive effects of THC. That’s right. CBD will protect against these effects, and this all has to do with the way these two compounds react in the human endocannabinoid system.

While the endocannabinoid system responds to the endocannabinoids the body is producing, external cannabinoids also trigger responses. There are numerous cannabinoids (more than 80, in fact), but we’re going to discuss CBD and THC for the purpose of this article.

The way these substances interact with the brain is by binding with specific proteins found within it. These are called cannabinoid receptors or CBRs. The two cannabinoid receptors we’ve seen are the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 is primarily located throughout the central nervous system while CB2 is located in the immune system for the most part. With this being said, the body creates its own endocannabinoids, and these compounds bind to these receptors.

THC copies the endocannabinoids found in the body. But THC does not get broken down fast as it activates the CB receptors found in the brain. Compared to THC, the binding CBD produces is rather weak. Even with this being the case, CBD still dulls the effects of THC by preventing it from interacting with the CB receptors as intensely.

So long story short, CBD will not get you high. But it will lessen the psychoactive effects of the cannabis compound known for getting users high.


Can I put CBD oil in my vape?

There are a plethora of ways CBD oil can be administered, and putting CBD oil in your vape is definitely a possibility. It all depends on how your body responds to CBD.

All of the CBD products you'll find have the same CBD extract. These products have the extract in different forms. So it really comes down to the preference. And it's always nice to have a precise measure when you're vaping, making the drops rather appealing for some vapers.

Some people take drops of CBD oil and put it in their e-liquid. Others do not respond so well to the drops, opting instead to purchase CBD e-juice products. Vaping CBD oil is something that could work for you. But it's important to understand that you'll need to try it to see how it feels.

Vaping CBD oil can produce different responses in different people. There are different results when you use the drops in comparison to other CBD oil products. And with this being the case, it's good to understand that while it is possible to put the cannabinoid in your vape, it's recommended to experiment a bit to find what works best for you. Does vaping CBD hurt your lungs? Vaping CBD is actually much easier on your lungs than smoking it. This is why vaping has become one of the preferred choices of taking in CBD for athletes.

CBD-infused vapor ingestion allows people to take in the cannabinoid without having to worry about the detrimental impacts smoking has on the lungs. And with the lung capacity and function of athletes being a significant contributor to their excellent physical performance, it’s no wonder why so many athletes are opting to vape CBD.

Smoking is known for bringing on serious lung damage, resulting in adversely impacted lung functionality. With this being the case, smoking comes with respiratory irritants that aren’t found when vaping. Combustion is not an issue with vaping, unlike smoking.

Compared to smoking, vaping CBD lacks the carbon monoxide, particulate matter, harmful toxins, and long list of irritants that are harmful to a person’s lungs. Instead, vapers are receiving a clean vapor infused with CBD. And the gentle nature of these vapor clouds does not hurt your lungs.


What are the benefits of vaping CBD oil?

Vaping CBD oil does not come without countless benefits. With this being the case, we’re seeing people vaping it for various reasons. And with it being known how much easier it is to vape CBD than other kinds of ingestion, it’s not hard to understand why people are opting to vape CBD.

This is one of the quickest delivery systems available. Consuming this cannabis derivative is made easy by vaping it. And with this method comes a fast track way to allow the compounds to go throughout the body without having to worry about your digestive system pushing them out before getting to your bloodstream. The whole process of eating CBD takes between 30 and 60 minutes to get the benefits.

Inhaling CBD vapor using your vaporizer makes it so you’re getting the compounds to absorb nearly instantaneously. The alveoli in the lungs allow the CBD to be absorbed and sent directly to the bloodstream. As a result, this is a nearly instant process that puts the cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system. And this allows the CBD to interact with your cannabinoid receptors faster and more efficiently.

When comparing this to taking CBD supplements, vaping CBD lets it reach your system without hesitation. You’ll find better bioavailability when you vape this cannabinoid. And with this being the case, you’ll find the CBD deliverance sends it straight to the bloodstream to provide the balance you’re looking for.

CBD supplements have to go through the gut and liver before being used. This results in alterations being made to the compound through first pass metabolism. Comparing this to how vaping CBD allows it to get past these processes without being changed, vaping the stuff enables it to remain as pure as possible