PHIX vs JUUL - Which should you choose?

If you’re in the market for a new pod mod vaporizer system, which allows you to enjoy superb vaping pleasure in the simplest, most efficient and convenient manner, you’re making a smart decision. Pod mods are great because they don’t require e-liquids and tanks. They utilize pods instead, much like coffee makers that accept pods (and save coffee lovers a lot of time and energy).

Today, we’re going to share information about two of the most popular and respected pod mods on the market. They are the PHIX vaporizer and the Juul vaporizer. Lots of people try to decide between these two pod mods. We’re here to share information which will help you to compare and contrast both models.

Once you’ve read our detailed guide, you’ll be primed to make a wise and informed decision about which ultra-modern pod mod is really right for you!

First, we’d like to share information about the PHIX vaporizer…


Is the PHIX Vaporizer Right For You?

The PHIX vaporizer is very affordable. It’s also sleek, stylish and very simple to use. If you want a reasonably-priced vaporizer system which is right on the cutting-edge, you’ll love this feature-packed, well-made vaporizer. It’s designed to work with pods that feature Brewell MFG flavors. If you go for a Starter Kit, you’ll access a PHIX battery, a charger and one Original Blend Tobacco pod.

This vaporizer is equipped with a super-safe true closed loop system (1.5ml) and a 280mAh battery which offers ample storage for superb vaping pleasure. Expect two hundred and twenty satisfying puffs per charge.

Cartridges (pods) for this vaporizer feature five percent nicotine by weight and you will be able to get four hundred to four hundred and forty puffs per pod. The vaporizer features an ohm level of 1.4-1.5. This is a low ohm coil rating and it means that you’ll access better throat hit than you’d get with a higher ohm measurement. As well, you’ll find that vapor is hotter. The wattage for this model is 3.7 volts. This voltage level is the most common one for vaporizer systems.

When you choose PHIX, you won’t be able to play around in terms of using e-juices from other brands. You’ll need to buy PHIX pods, which comes in a host of amazing flavors, including Original Tobacco, Spearmint, Hard Strawberry, Ice Tobacco, Mixed and Butterscotch Tobacco. The pods are sold in four-packs and they are really easy to find online. A four-pack is typically available for $22.99, although prices may vary.

When considering the price of pods, keep in mind that they provide at least four hundred puffs apiece and that you’ll get four pods with your order.

In terms of pros, this vaporizer system is beautiful and discreet and it’s so simple to utilize. As well, we like the technical specifications of the vaporizer and we find it to be very affordable, whether you buy the vaporizer alone or opt for the starter kit.

PHIX has all of the right safety and performance features. In terms of drawbacks, this model works only with PHIX pods. There are six flavors to choose from, but some vaping fans may want more variety.

Now, let’s look at what the Juul Vaporizer has to offer…


How Does the Juul Vaporizer Compare?

The Juul vaporizer is another vaporizer system which utilizes pods. So, the PHIX and Juul vaporizers do have something major in common! The Juul vaporizer has also got a modern and fresh look which is fashionable and discreet.

Created with simplicity in mind, the Juul vaporizer is just as user-friendly as the PHIX. However, it’s a bit more expensive, whether you opt for the vaporizer or the starter kit. Prices will vary online. However, based on our research, the PHIX does cost less at most online suppliers.

As well, with the Juul, you may only use “Juulpods”.

If you choose the starter kit, you’ll get a slim and compact Juul device, as well as a four-pack of Juulpods and a charger. This starter kit does offer more pods than the PHIX starter kit.

In terms of flavors, you may choose from Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Virginia Tobacco and Creme Brulee. This is four flavors, rather than the six flavors which are offered by PHIX. The nicotine content is five percent, just like PHIX. However, pods for the Juul only provide two hundred puffs, which is the equivalent of the amount of puffs that you’ll get out of a typical pack of cigarettes.

Since PHIX pods provide double the puffs or more, we think that PHIX has the edge here. Juulpod four-packs are generally a bit cheaper. However, when you consider the amount of puffs per pod, PHIX pods are actually the better deal.

The official Juul website doesn’t offer up technical specifications for this model, so it’s impossible to compare the technical features of this model with the PHIX. The team at PHIX are much more upfront about ohm ratings, voltage and so on and we appreciate this sort of transparency.

Now, we’d like to let you know which pod-based vaporizer system offers the most bang for the buck.


A Quick Comparison

  Juul Phix
Price $59.95 $34.99
Kit 1 Device
4 Refill Pods
1 Charger
1 Device
4 Refill Pods
1 Charger
Pod Size .07 ml 1.5 ml
Puffs Per Pod 200 400-450
Nicotine % 5% 5%
Flavors Virginal Tobacco
Cool Mint
Fruit Medley
Hard Strawberry
Cool Melon
Separate E-Juice Prices $19.99 $26.99
Charger Magnetic USB USB
Warranty 1 Year None
And The Winner is.... PHIX!

After comparing these two vaporizers, we think that they both have a lot to offer. However, we find that the higher puff count per pod for the PHIX makes it the clear winner. As well, we love the fact that we know every technical specification for the PHIX. The PHIX is loaded with performance and safety features and it provides rich and fulfilling throat hit, as well as long battery life.

While the Juul is good, too, people have had issues with their Juulpods leaking. Also, they’ve found that their Juul vaporizers are less reliable over the long term.

If you want a pod mod, the PHIX will suit your needs to perfection, without busting your budget. So, why not treat yourself to a PHIX Starter Kit today? You”ll be so glad that you did.