5 Great E-Liquid Flavors for the Modern Urbanite

On a regular weekday, we city dwellers spend most of our time at work. Given our fast-paced lifestyle throughout the day, the right vape flavors are needed to either energize or de-stress ourselves. Whether you’re just starting your day, going through your office duties and need a quick pick me up, or you need to wind down and cool off after a long day, we have a variety of e-liquid flavors that go well with the mood.

For the busy urbanites, here are five of our top picks to accompany your day, from the start of the morning rush to the end of your office hours.

  1. Brew # 72 by Brewell

A perfect pick me up to start your day, Brew #72 is part of Brewell’s vast library of concoctions. Featuring a rich Italian coffee blend for that caffeine kick you need, it’s the ideal blend for starting your day, especially when you have a long one ahead or a busy work week.

  1. Vape Flakes by Breakfast Club

If you’re the type who prefers cereal for breakfast, Vape Flakes is the one to get. One of the Breakfast Club’s cereal-flavored e-liquids, this gives a taste of sugar-coated flakes in fresh whole milk for that dose of sweet morning goodness.

  1. Chai Tea by Blindfold

When you need to chill out in the middle of the day, try to indulge yourself in some relaxing Chai Tea. This blend from Blindfold is a honey- and lemon-infused masterpiece. It’s a perfect companion for your lunchtime breather or during slow afternoons.

  1. Shock Treatment by High Voltage

There are times when your really need to get a big kick, especially when the day becomes more hectic. High Voltage’s Shock Treatment is just what you need to get that much needed boost. It’s energy-infused Pomegranate-Apple flavor can get you back on track.

  1. Evening Dose by Daily Dose

When everything is done, it’s time to unwind. After a long, hard day, Daily Dose’s Evening Dose will help you relax with its subtle, buttered-down popcorn flavor and its rich, sweet caramel taste. It’s perfect for easing out the stress and enjoying your hours after work.