WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Ruthless Vapor

Established in 2011, Ruthless started up operations in Southern California producing some of the best sweet candy e-juice options available before diving headfirst into other kinds of flavor combinations.

Today, Ruthless has a diverse product lineup of interesting and exciting vape e-juice options – ranging from fresh fruit, sweet candy, favorite breakfast cereal and dessert inspired flavors, many of which you simply will not find anywhere else.

This house to guarantee not only their overall quality, but also the consistency from one batch of e-juice to another. Our flavor scientists and researchers are always working together to find new and exciting combinations, and we have made interaction with our customers a foundational part of our experimentation to come up with new flavors that our fans are most passionate about.

Everything starts with our Ruthless Juice product lineup, but then things rapidly expanded into nicotine, the Traditional Tobacco, the Pretzel Shack, and the Loaded e-juice lineups, too. Today we also make MSG e-juice options and are experimenting with new mentholated products that will form the backbone of our On Ice series.

We hope you will try as many of our Ruthless e-juice products as you can, and guarantee that you’ll find a new favorite across at least one of our product lineups!

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