WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Puff Bar Disposable Stick

Vapeshack no longer recommends or carries Puff Bar brand. Most puff bars on the market right now are third-party fakes.

We carry other disposable vape brands that offer a better value per puff such as FLUM, Pod Juice and BANG.

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About Puff Bars

A Puff Bar is an all-in-one, pre filled disposable vape device with delicious flavors. It is a convenient, less expensive alternative to cigarettes. Moreover, using it doesn’t cause serious health problems compared to smoking. Inside this disposable vape are the battery and reservoir for the salt nicotine mixture in medical-grade soaked cotton. The battery is an important component in heating up the vape liquid, which produces the vapor that users inhale and exhale.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to Puff Bar, here are cool facts you probably didn’t know about this disposable vaping device.

The Puff Bar has a sleek and slim design that doesn’t get in your way. It is made not to constrain your lifestyle but rather to complement it. You can put this disposable vape in your bag, purse, or pocket without having to worry about overheating batteries.

Likewise, there’s no need to worry about refilling the tank or clumsily handling separate parts, either. It is so easy to use. And when the liquid runs out you just throw it into the trash and use a new one.

Puff Bar Flavors

There are around 12 flavors available that you can choose from. Also, it comes in more than 20 options. The “Plus" has 7 flavors similar to those of the original while the Puff Bar Glow has 5 brand new flavors available.

Puff Bar Plus

So what's the Plus? Well, it’s really the same as the original Puff Bar that you know but even better.

This disposable vape product has more hits (800 puffs vs 300 puffs), battery life, and vape juice or e-liquid.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hits are in a Puff Bar?

Each 1.3ml Pre-Filled Juice Pod has 300 hits, while Puff Bar Plus has about 800 hits.

Is Puff Bar safe?

Compared to cigarettes, Puff Bars are deemed safer and less harmful way than cigarettes, and health experts find it a healthier way to smoke. At worst case although rare, it might overheat but it will not blow up.

Can you recharge Puff Bars?

Puff Bars are disposable so while you cannot recharge Puff Bars, there will be no need for maintenance nor refilling.

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