WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Loaded - Cookie Butter - 120ml

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Loaded - Cookie Batter

Fresh cookie dough is something really special, and usually best enjoyed from the back of the spoon you were mixing it up with – but this flavor combo from Ruthless (a big part of the Loaded e-juice lineup) is the next best thing to the “real deal”!

Don’t be surprised if this cookie dough flavor combo becomes your favorite every time you reach for your vape pen!

Features and Specs:
  • Available in 30 mL, 60 mm, and 100 mL bottles
  • 70/30 Vegetable Glycerin to Propylene Glycol ratio for improved vapor texture
  • Produced Completely in the USA

WARNINGThis Loaded by Ruthless e-juice contains nicotine and other additives that may be dangerous to your health. These e-juice products should only be used in vaporizers designed to accept them, and never should be ingested internally.

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