WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cloud Nurdz - Watermelon Apple - 100M

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Cloud Nurdz - Watermelon Apple - 100ML

It’s everyone’s favorite flavors combined together in a pool of delicious tastes. The duo of flavors consists of juicy watermelon and a crisp apple, with a hint of candied layers that were added merely to please your sweet tooth. If you want to taste a delicious pairing of flavors with an added candied bonus, this is one you can’t pass up.

Features and Specs:
  • 100mL Chubby Unicorn Bottle
  • 30% PG
  • 70% VG
  • Made in USA
  • Available in 0mg, 3mg,6mg
  • Manufactured by OG E-Liquids

WARNING E-juice contains nicotine as well as other additives and substances that may prove dangerous to your health. These e-juice products should ONLY be used in vaporizers designed to accept them. They should never be ingested internally.

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