WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Riverside Vape Shop

Riverside, CA - Vape Shop

Riverside is probably most well known for its nationally registered historic sites and more than 100 city landmarks commemorating this beautiful city’s bright history. It is known as the city of arts and innovation, and people come here to enjoy various cultural activities and local shops and restaurants in the area.

And one of those local shops you will definitely want to check out is Vape Shack.

Disposable Vapes, Vape Juice, Devices & Accessories

We have hundreds of flavors you can choose from. Our team carefully selects each flavor to guarantee optimal quality. We also guarantee that our e-liquid can satisfy your hunger for vaping. The vape juices we sell give that perfect hit in the throat in every puff you take.

If you don’t like nicotine, you can browse through our nic free collection. 0% nic vapes are on the rise, and also affordable options! Our vast selection may confuse some, especially those new to vaping. But you can always reach out to our vape shop Riverside agents for any questions you may have.

Looking for a vape starter kit? We got you covered as well. Our range of affordable but top-quality vaping kits from famous brands is at your disposal. These kits are available in various colors, designs and capacities. They also come with pre-filled e-juices and wicks.

Furthermore, we carry several replacement parts for your vape. We have coils, vaporizers and tanks if you need to replace yours. You can also purchase vaping accessories from us, like batteries, chargers and replacement pods.

We retail many brands in our vape store, such as Pod Juice, Jam Monster, 7 Daze, BLVK, Coastal Clouds, etc. With these amazing brands, we guarantee satisfaction and a wonderful vaping experience for everyone.

Safe Shopping

Given how fake vapes are circulating in our locality, finding a reliable Riverside vape shop is challenging. To purchase for your vaping needs, you must first check reviews and a seller’s legitimacy. Vape Shack is a legitimate store specializing in vaping items, juices and accessories. Our vape shop Riverside online store is one of the best – if not the only best – in the area.

We take pride in selling genuine and authentic items, from vaping devices to accessories. We have a wide selection of disposables, e-cigs, vaping pens, mods and JUUL, among others. Our selection of e-juices is quite impressive too.

Stellar Customer Service

Vape Shack is a trusted company in Riverside and all of California. We strive to give all our customers great service by providing them with a couple of guarantees.

First, we offer a Money-Back Guarantee for all the vaping products and accessories you purchase from our shop. Moreover, our clients’ details are safe with us through our Safe Shopping Guarantee.

We use an Extended Validation SSL certificate for an additional level of authentication and to ensure that all your details, such as credit card information, are encrypted and secured.

1-Day Delivery to Shipping and Delivery in Riverside

Riverside is not only the place we deliver to. We are based in California and cover all cities in the state. We also ship vaping products globally. We adhere to age restrictions and follow all legal procedures when selling. This is because we must safeguard our clients’ safety and welfare.

For more questions about our company and vaping products, do not hesitate to contact us here. Our reliable and friendly vape shop Riverside customer agents will help you with your needs.



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