WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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PuR Nicotine Pods

If you’re looking for a premium nicotine pod with 50mg of nicotine at a 60/40 VG/PG ratio, then PuR has you covered. These pods are compatible with the Juul system, so now you can smoke your favorite flavored e-liquid with your favorite pod device. 7 flavors to choose from packed with 50mg of nicotine so you can get everything you crave, all in one and on the go. Stepping up the vaping industry, PuR is revolutionizing the pods with a ceramic coil. It’s the first of its kind and why you’re going to love these products

About PuR Pods

PuR nicotine pods are made by Liquid EFX to give you an easy pod replacement that uses a 2.2ohm ceramic coil. If you need a hit of your vape, then pop in these PuR pods in your pod device and get your fix of vapor goodness. From sweet and delicious to cool and thirst quenching, PuR pods has a flavor to suite your desire. Liquid EFX cares about quality while satisfying your nicotine needs with 5% of nicotine by weight. Made in the USA and the first pods to use ceramic coil, PuR pods are here to make a statement and step up the vape game.

Pod Flavors

PuR Premium Nicotine Pods comes in 7 delicious flavors to give you choices that’ll last you awhile. Choose Watermelon Passion if you want that sweet watermelon and passion fruit goodness or bask in a cloud of Tropic Mango and feel like you’re enjoying a tropical fruit wherever you are. You can quench your thirst with Strawberry Lemonade or satisfy your cravings with Sour Apple flavored pods. Blue Raspberry will give your taste buds the taste of blueberries and raspberries with every inhale and exhale or get that cooling sensation with every puff of artic menthol. PuR also has you covered with juicy grape flavored pods if you want to feel like royalty while you enjoy your vape pod.

Why PuR

If you’re a vaper and love to vape different flavors while getting your nicotine needs, then PuR has the premium nicotine pods you need. 1 ml of pre-filled e-liquid pods makes it fast, easy, & portable for you to stay vaping on the go or in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re out and about or just chilling and relaxing, pop in your convenient and compatible PuR vape pods in your pod device and bask in a cloud of flavored nicotine vapor. Quickly gaining recognition by vapers around, PuR pods by Liquid EFX has the premium nicotine pods backed with the quality you’re looking for. If you need something flavorful for your Juul pod, then buy PuR Premium Nicotine Pods from us at Vapeshack. Vape here, vape there, vape anywhere. Vapeshack has your back.