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IPV 4S 120Watt by Pioneer4you

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Introducing the IPV 4S, the upgraded version of the IPV4 by Pioneer4You. P4U developed this product to fix the few issues on the IPV4 V1. it's already upgraded to 120W and compatible with (NI200 and TI ) as well. The IPV4S is structurally different than any IPVs they came out with. In comparison of the IPV4 and the IPV3, it comes close for having the identical size but the IPV4 is slimmer and has a new grip look to it. The grip on the IPV4 is almost rubbery looking. The unit is also less bulky and pointy like the IPV3. The IPV 4S has rounder corners and more sleek. You can also remove the grip to gain access towards the battery slots. The IPV4 S takes 2 18650 batteries which gives it more power and less time to charge. Unlike the IPV3, the IPV4 S can now charge with the batteries without having to take out your 18650 with a USB adapter and into a wall plug. There is a charger port will be blocked or removed on the new IPV4 S. This device is recommended for advanced users only. Please be precaution when using. The max wattage on the unit is 120w starting at 0.1 ohm. It is powered by a new sx chip. The sx 330 v3c chip is updatable in June 2015. With the update, you can control your temperature heating. As like the other units in the IPV family, it will still have the memory function in 5 different types. The slide cover for the batteries is one of the newest addition towards the unit. The grip part of the unit can pop right off to access your batteries. The resistance on the IPV4 S is 0.10ohms to 3.0ohms.

Features and Specs:
  • Output Power: 10W-120W
  • Output Power: 5J-50J (Ni wire)
  • Output Power: 5J-120J (Ti wire)
  • Output Voltage: 1.0V-7.0V
  • Input Current: 1.3A-40.0A
  • Input Voltage: 6.2V-8.5V
  • Standard Atomizer Resistance:0.1ohm-3.0ohm
  • Joules Mode Atomizer Resistance:0.12ohm-1.0ohm
  • Temp limit Centigrade:100°C-300°C
  • Temp limit Fahrenheit:212°F-572°F
  • Chip:YIHI SX330-v4SL
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