WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Phix Vape & Phix Pods Starter Kits

Are you ready to get started with our vaping kits? We have an impressive range of affordable and high end vaping kits from some of the most popular brands in the market. Choose from an assortment of models and colors to find the vaping kit that’s just right for you. A full vaping kit typically includes all the essentials you need to get started. In some cases, manufacturers might include extras for a better experience. The device itself, a tank, a battery, coils, an atomizer, e-liquid and wicks are some of the items you can expect to find in an average vape kit.

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Phix Starter Kit & Phix Pods by MLV

Phix is pushing serious innovations in the vaping industry, providing simplicity in the form of pod style vaping. Major League Vapers (MLV) has been working on this brand for quite some time now, perfecting an easy way for smokers to get the vapor they crave. It’s easy to see that this brand is putting smokers first, bringing forth quality nicotine salts to make for the best draws possible. Think Keurig for vapers. That’s precisely what you get with Phix’s pods. There’s no longer a need for complex mods and tanks that crack. With Phix, you’ll find all you need with an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to focus on the experience instead of everything else involved.

For those looking for a premium effortless vaping experience and insanely satisfying flavors, the Phix Vape Starter Kit by MLV and flavor-infused pods are revolutionizing this industry.

Vaping Made Simple With Phix

Phix vaping devices are the sleek design every vaper dreams of and the answer to every smoker’s pleads for a better nicotine delivery system. Using pods instead of complicated tanks, these vaporizers offer a simple and convenient way to vape without the mess. Sick of the fill-ups and sticky e-liquids? Then you’ll want to vape with Phix pods. Popping a pod into your Phix Vape Starter Kit by MLV is easy to do and sports the convenience that spoils vapers. With these flavor-infused vapor pods, you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever dealt with the common complexities of vaping.

These devices go beyond convenient and provide adults with the perfect alternative to smoking traditional tobacco. Phix is inexpensive, convenient, and brings a smile to your face with the flavorful vapor plumes you’ll create with ease. You’ll be psyched to show it off everywhere you go. And if you’re someone who prefers to keep it discreet, these devices are super small, making it easy to stash in your pocket at any time.

What Makes Phix Unique?

There’s no comparison! With the pod-based vape system, you’ll find satisfaction at any given time without a hassle. No mess, no preparation. You won’t even have any settings to mess with. The temperature control is self-regulated as well, meaning no adjusting temperatures because the perfect setting is already set for you. If you’re someone looking to streamline your vaping, Phix is the brand you need. It’s easy. Pop a pod in and get to vaping.


Nicotine Salts & Phix Pod Flavors

That throat hit you’ve been getting with those liquid nicotine-infused e-juices you’ve been tossing in your tank? You’re not going to get that with Phix pods. This company is using premium-quality nicotine salts, providing vapers with vapor lacking the harsh throat hit and a better vaping experience. Nic salts provide a soothing draw comparable to the draw of a cigarette. And using salts over liquid nicotine lets the flavor shine without the burn!

Phix is an industry-leader with its flavors. These pods are made for smokers, giving the nicotine levels they need and the bold flavors they want. The pods come in Cool Melon, Blue Raspberry, Hard Strawberry #22, Original Tobacco, Cool Grape, Ice, Butterscotch, and Spearmint flavors. You’ll also have the Mixed Pack option, allowing you to change it up as you vape!

This is the new-age way to vape and it’s easy to see why. Everyone is ordering Phix and enhancing their vaping experience like no other. Better flavors paired with perfected nicotine salt consumption have made this company the brand vapers trust. Order your Phix Vape Starter Kit by MLV today and pop your favorite pod in it!

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