WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bo Vape & Bo Vape Pods

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About Bo Vape

Producing some of the best modern vaporizers on the market today, Bo Vape has been knocking it right out of the park with their minimalist, high tech, and feature-rich offerings as well as some of the most loaded starter kits available.

Featuring a uniquely portable pod design system, this particular vaporizer makes the most of advanced construction materials and engineering to produce a vaporizer that is lightweight, efficient, able to be rapidly recharged, and features a long-lasting 380 mAh battery that can handle thousands of recharge cycles.

The all-in-one vaporizer system includes a Drawl Activated Firing mechanism that only vaporizes the materials you have inside of the Bo Vape when you are physically using the vaporizer itself. This improves energy efficiency dramatically, but also guarantees that you get the cleanest, the smoothest, and the most enjoyable experience when you use this vaporizer as well.

You'll never draw on this vaporizer and taste anything "stale", that's for sure.

Plug and play connections include USB charging systems and a standard micro USB cord that can be utilized on the go or with a wall outlet hookup. Goldplated connections guarantee secure energy transfer as well as lightning fast recharge ability.

The streamlined and super sleek design is maybe the best looking on the market today, with the kind of fit and finish you'd expect from top-notch technology produced by companies like Apple.

As part of the initial starter kit, you'll receive the vaporizer itself, two eLiquid caps with flavors you'll be able to select before you complete the purchase, and the magnetic micro USB charging system you need to power up your vaporizer going forward.

This will help you to hit the ground running with your Bo Vape purchase it also makes this starter kit one of the most valuable. You definitely get the most bang for your buck with your purchase of the Bo Vape starter kit!

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