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Loaded E-Juice Flavors Review


Loaded E-Juice crafts excellent e-liquids with quality in mind. This company brings forth some serious dedication in the form of a desire to solve any issues that a business can have in the vaping industry. With the e-liquids that Loaded has been producing and shipping out all over the world, it’s not hard to see that this company is one of the majors in the vaping industry. These juices bring on entirely new levels of flavor and the brand’s drive is nothing short of admirable. When all is said and done, we see that Loaded E-Juice is at the forefront of this industry, leading it with a team of people exhibiting a level of passion that is not seen in any other e-juice craftsman we’ve come across.

These flavors are serious and Loaded is not afraid to bring forth new flavors and improved flavors alike. Whether the company is focusing on developing innovative flavors that blast vapers’ taste buds into a total state of ecstasy or taking flavor profiles of other brands and making them even more incredible than anyone could have ever possibly imagined, Loaded is a legend in this game for a reason. If it’s Loaded, you can bet that it’s a flavor worth tossing in your tank and you’ll likely be vaping on it all throughout the day without hesitation!

I Love Salts E-Juice Flavors Review


Mad Hatter Juice has come out with a new line of e-liquids that crafts an entirely new level of greatness with smokers in mind. The I Love Salts E-Juice line is an innovation all in its own amidst the countless incredible flavor profiles Mad Hatter’s team brings to vapers across the world. This LA-based e-juice legend decided to bring its own flavors to the table, infusing this line with the nic salts that pair beyond well with all their flavor profiles.

For smokers looking for an effective e-juice to quit smoking, Mad Hatter Juice has come up with the I Love Salts E-Juice line. Harsh throat hits are known in the vaping industry and with the introduction of nicotine salts, we’re seeing a major shift in what vapers throw in their tanks. This company puts forth its best e-liquids with vapers’ needs in mind, ensuring the I Love Salts brand is one that gives every vaper precisely what they need: excellent flavor profiles and heightened nicotine levels without the harsh throat hits.

Salty Man E-Juice Flavors Review

Quitting smoking is now easier than ever with Salty Man E-Juice. This brand is showcasing 12 incredible flavor profiles that give every vaper multiple flavors they can enjoy on a daily basis. The company focuses on bringing forth complex blends that they create using nicotine salts. When comparing this to the harshness that comes with using liquid nicotine, it’s easy to see why Salty Man E-Juices are a favorite among vapers all across the globe.

Salty Man prides itself in being the go-to e-liquid for people who are looking to stop smoking. While vaping alone aids smokers in ending their bad habits, Salty Man e-juice brings forth the higher nicotine levels that heavy smokers need without forcing them to deal with the notorious harsh throat hit. The key is in the nicotine salts. As a company that dedicates itself to helping smokers put down tobacco for good, Salty Man crafts flavor profiles that satisfy the tastes of everyone, providing options with high levels of nicotine while avoiding the harshness that comes with liquid nicotine

Humble Juice Vape Flavors Review

Humble Juice Vape Flavors Review

With thousands, if not millions, of e-juices on the market today, we’re seeing the importance of standing out amidst the flavors more and more each day. It’s easy for a company’s flavors to get lost amidst the masses. But Humble Juice has taken their humble beginnings and used that foundation to forge an empire.

And Humble Juice’s success did not come solely because of their affordable prices. The company places emphasis on hard work without cutting corners. Simply put, Humble Juice’s dedication to delivering the purest vaping juices available to vapers across the globe today puts them at the forefront of the e-liquid industry.

JUUL & JUUL Pod Flavors Guide

Juul & Juul Pod Flavors Guide

There are literally hundreds – if not thousands – of pen-style e-cigarettes available on the market today. Like any technology, they changed, improved and thrived, while those that failed to adapt fell into obscurity. Despite fierce competition, the JUUL managed to rise to the top. But what made it so great?

JUUL is unique because the product fits every need. There’s a fine line between “good” and “great,” but the JUUL’s appeal skyrockets it into the “legendary” category. Let’s take a quick look and see why Wired Magazine dubbed it as potentially “…the first great e-cig”.

JUUL vs Vape Pens: What’s the difference?

JULL vs Vape Pen

With vaping becoming more common every day, it is no wonder the options for products is expanding so rapidly. When at one time there were only a few products to choose from, the options now are seemingly endless. Whether you’re into large mods or stealthy pods, there is something for everyone.

Kilo 1K Closed Pod System Review

Produced by one of the most influential vaporizer and e-cigarette companies on the planet today, the folks at Kilo have knocked it right out of the park with their latest ultraportable pod system – the Kilo 1K.

The revolutionary new product that brings together all of the engineering and design features that Kilo models have brought to the table for a few years now within innovative new twist thanks to the closed pod system, this is one of the most enjoyable ways to indulge in some of the world-class E juice products on the market today.

Compact, sleek, and something that looks like it came fresh from Silicon Valley and the world-class designers there, the Kilo 1K stands apart from the rest of the pack right from the first moment that you pull it out of its shipping box.

Providing serious enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy a sensibly priced product that still packs plenty of horsepower under the hood, this is an ultraportable pod system that just might change the way that you vape from here on out!

Bo Vape: Can it take over PHIX & JUUL?

BO Vape Starter Kit
Can Bo Vape take over the likes of Phix and Juul?

There are a couple of “big dogs” in the world of e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and the production of e-juice, lets see how Bo Vape stands up to PHIX and JUUL.

Relative newcomers in the space (especially when compared to Phix and Juul), Bo Vape has hit the ground running with some of the best options money can buy at affordable prices – products designed first and foremost for e-cigarettes and vaporizer enthusiasts.

Probably best well known for the starter kit that they make available at a ridiculously inexpensive price tag (providing everything you need to hit the ground running with any a vaporizer), they also make some of the most flavorful and best selling pods and e-juice options right now as well.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not Bo Vape can go toe to toe with industry titans like Phix and Juul, you’ll want to check out all of the inside information that we highlight for you below.

Let’s dive right in!

PHIX vs JUUL – Which should you choose?

If you’re in the market for a new pod mod vaporizer system, which allows you to enjoy superb vaping pleasure in the simplest, most efficient and convenient manner, you’re making a smart decision. Pod mods are great because they don’t require e-liquids and tanks. They utilize pods instead, much like coffee makers that accept pods (and save coffee lovers a lot of time and energy).

Today, we’re going to share information about two of the most popular and respected pod mods on the market. They are the PHIX vaporizer and the Juul vaporizer. Lots of people try to decide between these two pod mods. We’re here to share information which will help you to compare and contrast both models.

Once you’ve read our detailed guide, you’ll be primed to make a wise and informed decision about which ultra-modern pod mod is really right for you!

First, we’d like to share information about the PHIX vaporizer…

To Vape or Not to Vape: What Are the Health Risks That Lie in Vaping?

vaping vs smoking cigarette
vaping vs smoking cigarette

Smoking is bad for your health. This public service announcement is written in several versions and found on boxes of cigarettes. It is mandatory that products that contain tobacco place it on their packaging to warn people that too much smoking can kill.

There are a lot of health risks that come with smoking regular cigarettes and cigars. Lung cancer, gum disease, and leukoplakia (white patches in the mouth) are just some of the dangers tied in with smoking. But even with the excessive warning, a lot of smokers just can’t seem to quit.

However, when vaping was introduced to the public, many believed it to be the healthier option. Unlike smoking, vaping uses liquid nicotine. With the use of a battery-powered e-cigarette, this substance turns into mist or vapor, which the user inhales. Heating is used and not burning. And because of this, the risks of vaping are less than what one gets with smoking.

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